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About Us

The creation of Titan Global Management is a result of our faith and our commitment to helping our communities by utilizing our experiences and gained expertise of over 30 years. Moved to address the systemic problems faced by the formerly incarcerated in our communities, experiencing first hand those challenges, we created Titan Global Management to bridge the divide between the community needs and the Public & Private sectors.

With our years of consulting in the key areas of administration and operations, we are skilled in economic development and business strategies. These skills are perfectly suited to enhance communication and project effectiveness creating successful outcomes for both our community and the partnering Public & Private organizations.

Our Story

The commitment to Expanding Opportunities  

Titan Global Management was birthed from the Transformation Academy Project and Program. The Transformation Academy was created to provide “A Pathway To A New Life.”  The prefix trans – implies movement to transform you into the best version of you, the one you were created to be. In this light, a transformation would imply moving the form. The power to transform is intrinsically placed into mankind. Your deliverance will not start in your circumstance; it will always evolve out of your mindset.


The program was developed to create a pathway for a second chance and become part of the community effort to reduce recidivism.

  • To help overcome the challenges faced when you have a criminal record
  • Develop a bridge to careers and entrepreneurial opportunities
  • Strengthen our communities and create leaders
  • Expand the community of Fair Chance Employers in the Bay Area

Behind the program was not just a mastermind, but a heart of love.

We believe in the transformation power of faith.

Our Culture

Success is the goal. Here’s how we accomplish it.

Five Principals of Operation


1. Have Integrity in your Word

2. Assume Nothing

3. Seek (Guidance)

4. Do Your Best

5. Never, Ever, Give up

Let’s open doors together.



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